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14/05/2019 19:42:10
Kohls coupons safe for next year it's gonna be safe for next month so I did get a little fan set again 25 cents you cannot beat that and if you guys don't know Frankie's obsessed with anything see life fish octopus anything he knows all the names he he knows his numbers or he skips his numbers he knows his colors but if you question him on fish any type of fish he is your man so I got him this for a quarter as well as this even though this is like a dive toy so the older boys can play with this or Frankie can throw it at him and make his brothers dive that's probably what's gonna happen Frankie's gonna throw them and say Bubba get it get it toy is a little boat and again 25 cents this packaging is weird okay it goes like that look it's like the packaging is upside down you guys cuz look but anyways a little bow so he
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14/05/2019 12:00:10
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13/05/2019 18:37:43
Kohls coupons you what they send me they'd send me these at no cost to me so it's like Christmas every time one of down a little and sit down and you what I got here while I'm here I'll check the comments okay Kate is the best moderator I got to tell you she greets everybody she's got my back okay Jack the giveaways at the end of this at the end of this video or livestream yeah 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time was Makenna hello
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12/05/2019 18:52:14
Vital Keto :- train faster the next day after I'm on 48 so I'm cutting on 48 ok so I ran away from my everyday training right now because I'm doing 48 I'm training every second day for body ok I ate a massive fucking meal in the morning I go to the fucking buffet right now I eat meat and fat and I eat a boat a plate full of like you know I throw some olives in there and some fucking beets and like a small amount of fucking basically fruit and vegetables a little .......

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10/05/2019 19:01:06
kohls coupon put something else in there just a lantern alone oh you don't even have to be crafty it has a latch on the door darica pay attention wake up wake up oh my gosh it opens oh my gosh the basket is kind of so that means you get a box full of goodies for four dollars and the value box I'm thinking the value of this box has to be well over like $75 for everything in this box because the lantern at Michaels let me just show you guys what .......
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